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Chateau Chambord is the largest of all the Loire Castles and boasts over 400 rooms, 84 staircases and is set in 13000 acres of wooded parkland.

Chambord was born out of a meeting with Francois 1 and Leonardo Da Vinci, when in 1516 the young King brought Leonardo to France and set him up in Amboise (another picturesque town with a chateau) where Da Vinci lived until he died in 1519. During that small period of time the King entrusted Da Vinci with several projects including Chambord and was originally designed/built to serve as a hunting lodge. Other architects such as Domenico Da Cortona and Philbert Delorme are also thought / considered by many to have been involved with it. Regardless of who were all involved the end result was and still is stunning and magnificent and certainly worthy of a visit if you are in this area. Indeed go on a nice hot sunny day and take a picnic then you can sit in the grounds and admire the beauty and splendour of this building.

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