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Chiang Mai’s Women’s Correctional Institution – Best Thai Massage Ever!



We fancied a treat and what better than to have a Thai Massage in Chiang Mai. The difficulty was choosing where to go for it as the streets are filled with places offering massages!! We then heard about Thai Massages being done at the Chiang Mai Women’s Prison (honestly!!) and thought that this seemed a little bit different – so why not!!!!

We found the place with relative ease and it is part of the Vocational Centre of the Correctional Institute. The lady guard told us we would have to wait for about 20 minutes so we could get the massages together at the same time, so we sat in the tea garden and had some juice. We were then called in and took our shoes off replacing them with the flip flops they provided and entered this small building.

Inside to the left were seats/loungers for foot massages and to the right were a number of beds and draped netting for the body massages. We were taken round the corner and given some special tops and bottoms to put on (looked a bit like medical scrubs). Once changed we were greeted by two girls who took us to our beds – they had arranged for our beds to be together and our massages were performed at exactly the same time.

The Thai massage takes about 1 hour in total and during this time calm, soothing music played in the room. The rooms holds about 12 beds and was extremely relaxing. These girls were nimble, thorough and massaged, prodded and flexed our bodies and muscles in many ways.

Afterwards we changed back into our own clothes and sat down and were served a relaxing cup of tea. The cost of this was 180 Thai Baht each (£4) which we thought was really reasonable. We also felt it was a very worthwhile cause as the aim of this Vocational Centre is to help rehabilitate the women prisoners and give them a vocation/skill that they can learn and use on their release.

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