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Liberation Ball – Bayeax


After 2 bottles of wine on a sunny afternoon we decided to wander down past the river into Bayeux to attend the Liberation Ball (no posh frocks required – jeans, jumpers etc as it is a bit windy and cold in the evenings). Bayeux was one of the first towns in France to be liberated in June 1944 and held this event in the town centre to celebrate their freedom. Trestle tables, benches, food and wine surrounded a stage/dance platform and music from yester-year was supplied by an orchestra called Bul Mazette. Everyone sat chatting away in various languages and then the real professionals arrived all dressed up in 1940 outfits. It would have been rude not to spend some time with the GI’s – who turned out to be French and were taking part to remember and respect the sacrifices made. Between their broken English and our pigeon French we had a fun time chatting away. Although my 1940’s dancing was not up to much as the ‘George Clooney’ lookalike GI’ swung me round the dancefloor!!!

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