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Glass Beach – Fort Bragg

We had wanted to visit Glass Beach in Fort Bragg as we had seen some amazing pictures of multi-coloured pieces of glass lying where sand should be with the ocean crashing against it. We wondered how this could be possible and the story itself is as unusual as a beach made of glass stones!! Glass Beach exists due to mother nature trying to correct the mistake of the local towns people who in the late 1940’s starting throwing/dumping their trash onto the beach and straight into the ocean. This continued for nearly 20 years when the City Council realised their mistake and created a new city dump. Now after nearly 50 years of the relentless crashing, pounding and pummelling of the sea, tide and rocks against the various glass bottles and jars that were dumped by the town you will find that nature has self cleansed this former dumping site so all that remains are small worn down and polished pieces of coloured glass.

When we arrived – there was a lot of construction work going on and the main route to the beach was blocked off by the many trucks etc that were digging/excavating the land. However they did have little trail paths marked out that we could follow to take us down to the beach but you do find yourself slightly north of where the glass coves are so be prepared to walk further south down the beach popping in and out some of the coves to make sure you are at the right place. I would also recommend going when the tide was out as we arrived when the tide was in and as such it made it a bit harder to appreciate and marvel it when we could only see a small part of it. I have also heard that there are many coves and unfortunately we stopped at the first glass cove we found and wish we had ventured further down to some more coves as after some more research I found out that there are coves with more glass than the one we found ourselves at.

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