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Vincent Van Gogh – St. Paul de Mausole Asylum

imageIn May 1889 Vincent Van Gogh self admitted himself to the St. Paul de Mausole Asylum in St. Remy de Provence following a turbulent period spent in nearby Arles when he famously cut off part of his left ear. During his year at the asylum he produced over 150 paintings including the famous ‘Starry Night’ which depicts the view outside his sanatorium room window and ‘Irises’.

You can actually visit the asylum where they have a wing occupied by a museum which recounts the period during which the artist was confined here. They also have a reconstruction of Van Gogh’s room and have a ‘Van Gogh Field’ where you can admire reproductions of some of the canvases at the very place they were painted. On the route to the asylum from the town you can also find 21 panels displaying reproductions of some paintings against the real backdrop giving you a chance to view the real and imaginary universes of the great artist.

A really interesting and enjoyable visit.



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