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Sarlat La Caneda

imageSarlat La Caneda is the capital of the Perigord Noir region and is nestled right in the heart of a forested area close to the Dordogne Valley.

The town is steeped in history and even became English at one point during the 100 Years War and is very well known for its Foie Gras – ducks and geese aplenty in this town!!! With its cathedral and Manoir de Gisson (where the Sarlat nobility used to reside) it is classed as an Artistic and Historic Town and is full of medieval winding lanes, old gas street lighting, large sunny squares lined with restaurants, cafes and shops. Making it all in all a very attractive and alluring town.

We stayed at a hotel right in the centre which was really handy. The hotel didn’t have a carpark but we found a couple of free carparks which were only a five minute walk away. Both were fine for parking overnight.

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